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We grant every women an her children

those threatenend or affected by emotional, physical or demstic violence as well as stalking protection, advice, accompaniment and support

- regardless of their place of residence, their nationality and their religion.


We offer you an your children

  • a protected an secure room in which you can come to rest
  • a room for sole use (living, comparable to a flat share)
  • You remain independent and responsible in your lifestyle. (You determine the way and the pace!)
  • psychosocial and socio-educational advice from specialist staff - to find possible solutions and the steps to be taken together
  • support or assistance in their implementation
  • if necessary accompaniment to offices and public authorities
  • We can provide you with other more specialized services and advice - if necessary, a mediation takes place
  • Offer of aftercare. After you have left our shelter up to approx. 6 months.
  • ...


You decide how long you want to uns our help!


If possible, bring the following with you:


  • identification card, passport
  • important documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, maintenance title, contracts in your name,...)
  • insurance card, debit card, vaccination certificate,...
  • proof of income and permit
  • personal things (favorite toys, schoole supplies, photos,...)
  • clothing an toiletries
  • If you are taking medication, do not forget it.


Many documents you need to apply to offices and public authorities. Don`t be afraid, if you can`t take anything with you! Wie help you with new applications or procurement!




For the stay in women`s shelter a usage fee is charged. If necessary, there is financial aid!